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Who We Are

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We've been in the events design industry for close to a decade and we're not only passionate about design, but also people. 

We believe that every design, every concept is created with our clients in mind; their goals become our goals. We want to make sure that your life's every event is topped off with great design and makes an impression. Not just any impression - but something that makes people go "wow". 

We believe that team work makes the dream work, and our team consists of not just us, but we want you to work with us to share with us your dreams, thoughts and ideas. We want to create something unique, and quite possibly, something never before seen. 

We see such goodness in what we do, and we want to share it with you - the modern individual who is planning their own event, and is looking for a friend who can help them design great invites, stationery, custom sketches.... and that's where we come in! Yes, we specialise in designs for events and weddings, but with our rich experience under our belt, we can take on pretty much any project you need help in. Be it a brochure, or favour design, packaging needs, we've got you covered. 

All you need to do us ask. So tell us, what do you need help with today?

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